Ultra Erotic Entertainment
Ultra Erotic Entertainment
Do You have a Cum Fetish and Would Love to Get Completely Covered in Hot Cum?
Then Enjoy a
Super Cum Squirting Experience with
Brett, Our "Super Cum Squirting" Entertainer
"Where he works EXTRA HARD to Completely Cover You in Cum !"
Offered at Many Locations *
Brett, The Super Cum Squirting Entertainer
Photos of Brett taken during a Live Newscast
This is what You Can Expect to See

Just sit back, relax, and watch Brett as he:
• Makes Massive Amounts of Gooey String-like Dripping Precum
• Squirts Volcanic Streaming Pulses of Cum all over you, multiple times

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Enhancing Your Experience
To make your Super Cum Squirting experience something you will always remember, Brett will perform Any request to make it an even Greater Experience.

If you want to experience Brett's Super Cumshots while wearing clothes, it is highly recommended you bring an extra set of clothes with you. Brett will literately cover you with so much Precum and Cum, you will end up looking like a dripping wet glazed doughnut.

Why is Brett offering to Squirt Cum All Over You?
The Evolution of Brett's Super Cum Squirting Offer

I am Debbie, the Owner of a live adult News site that puts the HEAD in Headline News. Brett is our top male news anchor and has yielded us over 50,000 subscribers.

I have to say Brett is truly an amazing Cum Squirter. Because of Brett's unique and extraordinary Cum Squirting abilities, plus his stamina for performing multiple Newscasts in a day, we utilize him in most of our live newscasts. During each Newscast as the anchor woman reads the news and performs head, he squirts unbelievable amounts of Cum all over the place multiple times throughout the show. In fact, in many of the newscasts, he produces so much Precum and Cum, that by the end of the show, the anchor women are completely drenched, dripping in Cum. It's really an amazing site to see!

Headline News Anchor Team Ashley and Brett
Headline News Anchor Team Ashley and Brett

When we broadcast a News show, we also include a viewer feedback section on the same page as the video feed. The majority of the comments we received from our viewers is asking us how Brett can Cum so much. Many of the viewers were awed watching him continuously squirt cum over and over again.

Since we broadcast our newscasts out of the Los Angeles area, we have received many requests from local area viewers who were so impressed by Brett's cum squirting abilities, they asked us if Brett would be willing squirt Cum on them in person like he does on the news anchor women during the newscasts. Since we have received so many of these request, I decided to speak with Brett to see if he was willing to this for these viewers.

After speaking with him, he agreed that it would be fun to do it and would do it for no cost. Since Brett has helped us get we are today, I took some photos of him and created this webpage so you can have Brett Squirt his Super Cumshots all over you. So take this opportunity and schedule your Free Super Cum Squirting experience today.

Headline News Anchor Team Cindy and Brett
Headline News Anchor Team Cindy and Brett
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