Extreme Measures For The Extreme Artist, An Interview with Brett the Artist by Debbie Stonewood
An Unusual and Unique Artist Interview with Bret
Extreme Measures For The Extreme Artist
An Interview with Brett, An Unusual and Unique Artist, by Debbie Stonewood
Artist Website: twtz.us/

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The Interview
I am Debbie, an Artist, Writer, Photographer, and Web Designer. A while ago I heard of a very unique Artist named Brett who uses both Precum and Cum to enhance other people's artwork. I was very curious, so I contacted him for an interview for an article I was writing about unconventional Artists. I wanted to review his skills and see a Live Demonstration of what he can do and how he performs. During the Demonstration he let me take photographs of him for possible inclusion in my article.

I began the interview by asking Brett, in terms of your skills, what is required to effectively enhance art?
He stated, in order effectively enhance art, he needs to provide an Artist with a variety of liquid options suitable for their particular needs. He therefore needs to control the properties of both his Precum and Cum in terms of its color, transparency, viscosity, texture, and most of all, the quantity. If for example, an Artist wants to add long and shiny transparent drip effects to a 3D piece of art, then he would provide them with completely clear low viscosity Precum that would stretch over 24 inches. If the Artist wanted to apply a clear splatter glazed effect to their work, he would then provide them clear Cum in a higher viscosity. It's really up to the Artist and what they require to enhance their Artwork.

What methods do you use to control the properties of the liquid?
To control the properties of the liquid, he uses a special technique he developed involving variable weights to initially get "Abnormally" rock hard. Once he has achieved the state of abnormal hardness, he can provide the Artist with any fluid combination needed for their Artwork on request. This special technique also allows him to change the properties of the liquid during the course of the Art Enhancement process. As in the previous example of providing the Artist with a completely clear low viscosity Precum, he would pulsate his cock to a particular rhythm such that only clear Precum would be made. As before, in the case of applying a clear splatter glazed effect, it takes a little more work. Cum is generally opaque in color, but if the Artist requires a large quantity of clear and not opaque Cum, then Brett places a 5lb weight over the lower end his shaft and flexes his cock to the point it gets even harder. At this point, when his cock is erratically throbbing, he can squirt huge amounts of completely clear Cum.

The Live Demonstration
Based on the examples provided earlier in the interview, I asked Brett the following question:
If an Artist was looking to enhance their artwork with clear liquids, can you show me the techniques you use control the properties of the liquids and the quantity needed to sufficiently meet the Artist's requirements? In this particular case, I wanted to see how he would make clear Precum for applying transparent drip effects and both clear and opaque Cum for adding splatter effects.

Brett agreed to my request and began the demonstration by sitting down in a chair and placing his legs up onto two small end tables on either side of him. He then hung a heavy weight attached to a string over the shaft of his cock. He started to flex-lift the weight with his cock to make it become Ultra rock hard. As I watched in amazement, his cock kept growing bigger and bigger until it reached an incredible size. At this point, I really needed to take a photo of his enormous cock so my readers could see exactly what I was experiencing. I set up my camera on a tripod between his legs and handed Brett my Coca-Cola® can so he could position it next to his cock for a size comparison photo.


Within minutes, as his cock started to pulsate, he began oozing out massive amounts of 100% totally clear stringy-like Precum. He showed me how this type of clear Precum when touched, stretches out in long strands that could be easily applied to a piece of art. Brett kept Precumming for over an hour, and during that time, he showed me how he could make the Precum change from a low viscosity clear transparent fluid to a thicker opaque colored liquid. While he was Precumming, I took some photos showing the viscosity and color change as the Precum slowly dripped down the shaft of his huge cock


Next, I asked Brett to show me how he makes and squirts clear Cum, and if he could, squirt it vertically upwards into the air.
Since I wanted to see Brett make clear Cum, he hung a 5lb weight over his shaft and began flexing his cock such that it became even harder than before.


As he flexed his cock, it began to visually throb where it looked like it was about to explode. As I watched in anticipation, Brett squirted at least 12 continuous streaming pulses of clear Cum over 6 feet into the air like a volcano. It was absolutely unbelievable!. If I didn't see it for myself, I wouldn't believe this could be done. After seeing him squirt, I asked if he could do it again, but this time, I wanted to see opaque colored Cum. When he squirted the second time, he squirted even harder and more violent than before such that the Cum almost hit the ceiling. I was completely blown away.

My Evaluation
Brett is truly a "Super Cum Squirting" Artist. His demonstration was both fantastic and informative. His magnificent cock produced more Precum and Cum that I had ever seen in my entire life. The unique method he utilizes to control the properties of the liquid is truly astounding and is an art in itself.

After interviewing Brett, I offered to create a website for him so you can utilize his skills to add beautiful Liquid Effects to your Artwork. His unique type of Precum can be used for adding clear flowing liquid effects, while his hard-hitting pulsating Cum blasts will add stunning three-dimensional clear dripping and splatter effects to your artwork. He can provide you with Precum and Cum in any transparency and viscosity combination to fit your needs. It can range from a free-flowing watery liquid, to clear slow dripping strands that stretch over 24 inches in length in a stringy-like fashion.

If you are an Artist, or just interested in his abilities, contact Brett now. He will be happy to speak with you and give you live demonstration of his "Super Cum Squirting" skills. He can enhance all types of Art work including 2D, 3D, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Decorative, Abstract, Conceptual, and Media Art. He will work at No Cost in exchange for Art Credit. In addition, he will also perform any special request needed to make your Art come alive.

In my opinion, this turned out to be a great interview. Just watching his enormous throbbing cock making massive amounts of Precum and squirting Cum over huge distances, was completely worth seeing in itself. Brett's skills are remarkable and I highly recommend him for any Art Enhancement project.

Artist Website: twtz.us/
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